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Poll says Trump would increase Latino vote

The president at a Latinos for Trump event


A recent poll shows that the president’s campaign Donald trump towards the Latino community seems to have an effect, since it reveals a significant improvement in the intention to vote compared to 2016.

According to the recent IBD / TIPP poll, the Republican would obtain 47.9% of the votes of that community against 49.9% for the former vice president Joe biden.

“Trump’s only significant improvement since 2016 appears to be among black and Hispanic voters”, indicates the poll on the different results. “The IBD / TIPP presidential poll finds Biden with only a 2-point advantage among Hispanics and a 63-point advantage among black voters.”

He adds, however, that the survey sample is “small”, so the percentages could be different in the final result. Most of these studies show that President Trump could obtain between 30 and 33% of the Latino vote.

The IBD / TIPP polls were among the few in 2016 that showed a broad chance that President Trump would win the election before Hillary clinton, to whom it only gave a percentage point advantage.

The general poll indicates that Biden could rise with the victory by having 4.8 percentage points of advantage and even considering the margin of error, he could be the winner.

The Democratic challenger leads the incumbent Republican with 49.5% against 44.7%.

President Trump has lost support among white women, he could even attract groups of the undecided.

This year, the Republican campaign has focused important efforts on attracting the Latino vote, especially key states, such as Texas, Arizona Y Florida.

The president has also launched new initiatives with which it intends to empower this community, although most of its migratory attacks affect this social group more, in addition to the fact that during almost four years of government it did not have a particular plan to improve its socioeconomic power.



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