I had offers but they were similar to Anshuman and that didn’t work for me: Tarun Arora


Remember Anshuman from the film Jab We Met (JWM; 2007)? Well, actor Tarun Arora is pleased that he is still recognised for his role in the iconic film. He is also happy to have got a lot of recognition for the performance but the appreciation didn’t result in better roles. In fact, he got similar roles which was a downer.

“I was offered roles with lesser screen space which was not acceptable to me. I could see my career wouldn’t pick up if I walked down that route. I had hit the benchmark with JWM. Sadly, no one could see me in other kinds of roles,” says the model-turned-actor.


Back then he left Mumbai and moved to Bangalore where he had a restaurant and focused on it. He waited for the kind of roles he wanted to do and it paid off. “It is really tough to wait for roles. I diverted my mind with other things. I wasn’t young and didn’t have a film background or anyone to help me out. I had spent my youth modelling and had done hotel management. So starting my restaurant in Bangalore made sense. Later, I began doing theatre alongside too. I was confident as JWM had proved that I was on the right track and I would get good work. I got a number of interesting roles in Telugu and Tamil films that I began enjoying. The roles, the passion, the work experience -I didn’t miss anything. Work over there was a different journey but a fulfilling one,” he says.

Arora is glad to be back to Hindi films with the Akshay Kumar-starrer Laxmii. “I have worked with director Raghava Lawrence in his Tamil films and he felt I suited the role, so I grabbed the opportunity to do a good Hindi film and work with him again. I was happy that the role was unlike Anshuman, as for the Bollywood fraternity, I wanted to be seen in roles other than that,” he shares.


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