At just five months old, Grimes and Elon Musk’s baby is already a fan of the film ‘Apocalypse Now’ | The opinion


If the name that Elon musk Y Grimes they chose for their first offspring together was an indication of the way they planned to raise him, it could be taken for granted that the little X Æ A-12 would have an unconventional childhood in which would greatly influence his mother’s musical career, his father’s training as an engineer and his shared interest in everything related to artificial intelligence.

One of the first interviews that the music star has given since welcoming her son five months ago confirms that theory, because as she explained, since birth she has tried to expose him to creative experiences and stimulating that go beyond the typical “pastel drawings of zebras and bears”.

“I’ve seen ‘Apocalypse Now’ and things like that with my baby. He is very fond of radical art. They really like it, yes, and I don’t think it’s harmful to interact with them at that level ”, Grimes pointed out in his conversation with The New York Times, in which he defends that babies have their own tastes and opinions.

In view of the fact that X, as she affectionately calls him, has begun to display well-defined artistic criteria, Grimes decided to follow his ‘advice’ when composing the lullaby he created in collaboration with the Enderl app, designed to help both children and adults sleep.

“In the first version there were too many high-pitched sounds of bells, and that caused tears and chaos in general,” she explained about the creative process, which she modified depending on her baby’s responses. “When I changed it, X started to smile more.”



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