Beat cancer one mountain at a time

A young mother who is fighting cancer is far from being overcome by the disease. The young woman from Quebec climbs mountains to raise funds for research.

At the very beginning of the pandemic in Quebec, Ariane Paris, who was expecting a second child, saw her world collapse. On March 4, she received a call that would change her life.

“I learn over the phone that I have cancer, cancer of the placenta. It is a cancer that is extremely rare, there are hardly any cases in Quebec, “she told TVA Nouvelles on Friday.

A week after the announcement, she began her chemotherapy treatments. The next day, all of Quebec went into confinement.

“It was difficult because I had to go to my treatments alone, see my oncologist alone,” she added.

Today the news is encouraging and Ariane is on her way to remission. For six months, the results of his blood tests have been encouraging.

She now wants to give back and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“I want there to be research done for this type of cancer because I’m a bit of an experimental case,” she said.

With her partner and their little boy, she gave herself the challenge of traveling 250 kilometers in the mountains, just a few months after finishing her treatments.

“Playing sports reminds us that we are alive. Every time we climb, even if it hurts, I won’t complain that my legs hurt and it’s hard, “said her partner, Marc-Antoine Gilbert.

It is therefore one step at a time that Ariadne is heading towards healing. And by the way, she inspires with her strength and courage.

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