UPS opens more than 50,000 temporary jobs nationwide: 4,000 in New York and Jersey | The NY Journal

More online shopping, more postal work

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

United Parcel Service (UPS) opened about 50,000 temporary positions across the country, including at least 4,000 in New York and Jersey.

Positions include drivers, helpers and package handlers for the christmas season that, due to coronavirus, this year would mean less in-person shopping and more online orders.

UPS noted that seasonal positions have possibility of becoming permanent, highlighted Pix11.

The interviews and hiring are already taking place virtually and in person, under security protocols, with face covers and social distancing. More information here.

Due to the same circumstance of wide demand for virtual purchases at the end of the year, Amazon announced that it plans to hire about 100,000 temporary workers across the country, including 4,500 in NYC and paying above the minimum wage.


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