This is indeed a big team: Monterrey rubs shoulders with Real Madrid and Barcelona; FIFA recognizes it | The NY Journal


Despite the fact that Rayados de Monterrey has never won a Club World Cup and, in fact, has not even reached a final, the Mexican team It is very well positioned in the historical scoring ranking that FIFA recently revealed.

In the list, the people of Monterrey appear in third place with 22 goals in all his participations, only under the Barcelona, which adds 23 so many and Real Madrid, which is the absolute leader with 31.

These 22 goals by Rayados are the result of 4 participations in the most important club tournament in the world, since they were present in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2019, playing 10 games in total, so their average is just over 2 goals per game.

It should be remembered that in its first appearance the Mexican team stayed in fifth place in the competition and that in the other three it rose to the podium as third place, its most outstanding participation being the last, that is, that of 2019. as he was recognized worldwide for being very close to eliminating Liverpool in the semifinal, the team that ultimately took the crown.



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