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The mystery of the letter that reached a mailbox 100 years after it was sent

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A postcard dated July 22, 1920 arrived at the Nicholson family home in Norwich, UK, in 2020.

Philip and Rosalie Nicholson, who have owned the Gleb Road home for 30 years, were shocked by the arrival of the mail. Inside the envelope there was a card with an image of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and a red one-cent stamp with the image of King George V, reported this week RT Noticias.

The text on the postcard was dedicated to a woman named Eva Browne.

“Dear Evie, I am sorry I did not have time to respond to your letter earlier, but if you accept us as we are, you will be welcome. Send me a card to know when I’m waiting for you. Hope you have good weather. Your dear cousin Florrie, ”reads the manuscript on the card.

Although the couple have not been able to establish why the letter took so long to arrive and who left it in the mailbox, the Nicholsons have two theories.

“We will not know if it was left by a postal worker or by someone else who left it in our mailbox,” Philip told the Daily Mail.

“We hope that Miss Eva Browne has managed to reunite with her dear cousin Florrie despite not receiving the card!”

After the story made it to the press, the letter was forwarded to Browne’s descendants.

“Eva was my grandmother’s sister. I can remember my dad talking about Aunt Eva, ”said Rosie Moncur Brown.

According to the 1911 census cited by the Daily Mail, Eva – then nine years old – lived at 72 Glebe Road with her parents, Walter Browne, a 38-year-old carpenter; her mother, Elizabeth, 39, and nine siblings.



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