“Mexican Power”: Snoop Dogg and Natanael Cano surprise with photo together on Instagram | The NY Journal


The links of the legendary Snoop dogg with the Mexican regional music they are getting closer and closer. After he collaborated with the MS Band, the interpreter was seen with a young promise.

Natanael Cano, A singer of lying corridos, unleashed euphoria on Instagram by sharing a powerful photograph with the rapper.

“OOKEEEY”, he just wrote Nathanael next to the photo.

The snapshot shows Snoop Dogg and Natanael holding the flags of Cuba and Mexico, respectively. They appear to be working on a production that highlights Latinos and their daily struggle.

“Arriba el tumbado”, “Good race”, “That my boy, Mexican power”, the fans celebrated, to the cryptic message.

Until J Balvin reacted with an emoji of hope.

We will have to wait to know what it is about or if there will be a collaboration with the controversial Mexican singer based in the US.

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