Gemma Collins and James Argent reunite for flirty dinner 3 months after split


Gemma Collins and James Argent got back together for a dinner date last night, Mirror Online can exclusively reveal.

Mirror Online’s exclusive pictures captured the exes’ flirtatious night out just three months after their highly-publicised split.

Happiness radiated from The GC, 39, and Arg, 32, when they reunited at Circolo Popolare in London for a low-key meal on Thursday.

Mirror’s sources told how Gemma arrived at the eaterie with her nephews before they joined Arg, who had been waiting for them at a table.

A source told Mirror Online: “Gemma was with her nephews and they entered the restaurant together, while Arg was already there and they went to join him at the table.

Gemma Collins and James Argent reunite for flirty dinner 3 months after bitter split

“At first she sat next to Arg but they later swapped and sat opposite each other with her nephew between them.

“They looked pretty close and were having a good time together.

“Arg was laughing and chatting with Gemma and her family.”

Her diva reputation proceeds her and Gemma turned up without a coronavirus face mask, Mirror Online’s source revealed.

Gemma and Arg had dinner with her family

Gemma had been in the eatery with her nephews before they joined Arg who had been waiting for them at a table

In the exclusive clip, the GC demanded staff give her a face protection after they told her she needed to wear one to be seated in the restaurant.

Everyone in the UK must wear face masks while entering shops, restaurants and indoor public spaces.

Once seated, people can remove their COVID-19 face masks in restaurants.

Mirror Online has reached out to Gemma Collins and James Argent’s representatives for further comment.

The GC had a lovely time out in London

Gemma has been keeping her fans in the loop with her life on Instagram

Gemma and Arg had an explosive falling out which led to their bitter break up.

At the time, the blonde bombshell leaked foul-mouthed texts from her ex branding her a “hippo” and a “fat f**k”.

They have got a lot of history together after they first come into each other’s lives in 2010 on The Only Way Is Essex.

Over the years, their rocky romance has proved to be turbulent.


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