Coronavirus cases in the world already exceed 45 million, according to Johns Hopkins University | The NY Journal


WASHINGTON – Global COVID-19 cases surpassed the 45 million barrier this Friday, after a day on Thursday, in which more than 400,000 new infections were reported, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University of the United States (JHU, for its acronym in English).

The total number of registered cases is 45,028,250, compared to the slightly more than 44 million that the World Health Organization (WHO).

For the JHU, the country most affected by the pandemic continues to be the US with a total of 8,945,891 infections and 228,668 deaths, followed closely by India, with 8,088,851 cases and 121,090 deaths.

Brazil is the third country by number of affected, with 5,494,376, but it ranks second on the list in terms of deaths, which already total 158,969.

Among the countries that have already exceeded one million infections and, in this order, are France (1.3 million), Spain (1.1), Argentina (1.1) and Colombia (1 million).

In number of deaths, Mexico is the fourth most affected country with 90,773, followed by the United Kingdom with 46,045; Italy, with 38,122; France, with 36,058, and Spain with 35,639.

For the JHU, the total number of citizens in the world who have been infected with coronavirus and they have overcome the disease already exceeds 30 million.

The WHO points to America, about to reach 20 million cases, with some 140,000 daily infections and 630,000 deaths, as the most affected region on the planet.

Meanwhile, Europe has exceeded ten million cases of coronavirus and now has the highest incidence of infections since the pandemic began, with 1.5 million cases reported in the last seven days, says the international body.



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