Biden beats Trump with 12 points nationally and 5 points in Florida | The NY Journal


Biden tops Trump with 12 points nationally and 5 points in Florida

Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.


Two polls show a new advance in voting intentions for the former vice president Joe biden, who beats the president Donald trump by 12 points nationally and by 5 percentage points in Florida, a key state.

The University of Texas Cometrends survey found that Biden achieves 56% support Y Trump 44% national support.

The exercise has a sampling error margin of plus or minus two percentage points, an element that pollsters have highlighted in light of the errors in 2016.

54 percent of men support the Democrat compared to 44 percent for the Republican.

Among women there is an increase, since 57% support Biden and 43% Trump, according to the report released exclusively by Vox.

On the other hand, a Monmouth University poll finds Biden at 50 percent and Trump at 45 percent among registered voters in Florida.

The Hill indicates that the Democrat leads by less than one percentage point in Florida in the average of RealClearPolitics polls, but different polls, such as NBC’s, place him four points above the Republican.

Between the Latino voters, Biden would get 26 percentage points more votes than President Trump.

The voters of the entity are even divided by sex, since women support Biden more and men Trump. In the first case, the Democrat has a 23-point advantage, and in the second, President Trump 15 points.



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