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With a translucent baby doll, Dorismar heats up Christmas in the middle of October | The NY Journal

As a lover of the Christmas season, Dorismar he knows that women prepare in advance to receive the parties.

For this reason, he opened his Xmas-Town in which he offers a wide variety of accessories for the decoration of the house and the Christmas Tree.

The intention of the sexy Argentine is that the homes of her admirers shine even more in the coming days of celebration that are coming and from now on to acquire the spheres or arrangements they need.

Alejandro Schiff, husband and manager of the curvilinear, shared that his wife is very excited about this new project.

The actress does put into practice the saying that goes: he who has a store, who attends it, because in her spare time she dispatches customers herself.

“The store opened about a month ago. Suddenly she is there, other times not; It all depends on her job, but she does tend to take care of her, ”said Schiff.

“You can find all kinds of Christmas accessories, but especially hand-blown glass items.”

His business is located in Mexico City.

In addition to her role as a merchant of Christmas items and mother, Dorismar is unstoppable, because the sensual Argentine opened a shop window, but virtual.

It is her page onlyfans in which she offers exclusive content for her loyal fans, who pay a fee to view photos or videos of her.

“He has just launched his fan only page where his followers can enter and see the photo gallery. The site is

Dorismar has more than 950,000 followers on her Instagram account alone, whom she constantly pleases with bold photos and models sexy outfits.

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