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Trump launches economic plan for Latinos in order to win their vote

President Trump seeks to attract more the Latino vote.


President Donald trump seeks to attract more Latino voters with a new economic plan posted on the White House website.

Although in almost four years of government the Republican president had not had concrete projects for this community, as the elections approach, he has joined efforts, which began last July, when the owner of the Goya company, Robert Unanue, supported it publicly, in addition to launching the Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity.

“The Hispanic community has achieved unprecedented economic successes as a direct result of President Trump creating a prosperous economic environment,” the new project states. “The President is committed to making greater strides in growing small businesses and increasing family income, home purchases, and personalized health care options for the Hispanic community. “.

It should be noted that one of President Trump’s projects is to end Obamacare, which has made it possible to reduce the marked differences in coverage between communities of color, including Latino, but has not presented a specific project on how it will solve this problem, one of the priorities of this group of voters, according to Pew studies.

In his two-page plan, the president states, among other things, that will increase loans, the technical assistance and access to resources for small Latino businesses; create a public relations campaign and greater coordination among small businesses; greater support from the Minority Business Development Agency; increase opportunities for small businesses as prime and supply chain contractors.

Some of those promises could be pushed forward in the first three years of government, including the Educational programs, to which he now assures he will pay attention with scholarships K-12; support specialization in science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM); increase broadband access for educational options, among others.

President Trump’s campaign marks the project as “The American Dream Plan”, but focused on Latinos, although it maintains its interventionist position and not respect between peoples with other nations, in order to avoid “communist regimes”, as in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

It states that it will maintain the defense of religious freedom, although that is already ensured in the Constitution, but points out that it would give churches “the ability to compete for federal resources for their communities”, but it is not clear whether it would allow those funds to be They target the undocumented, since the churches serve as a sanctuary for these immigrants and have programs for them.

It claims to have a plan on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) “Fair”, but currently the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reduced that permit to one year, in addition to starting the on the way to closing the program that will affect more than 700,000 “dreamers” and their families.

In 2016, President Trump obtained 29% of the Latino vote, but a recent IBD / TIPP poll indicates that the figure could rise to 33%. Among Cuban-Americans, support for the president, according to Pew, rises to 65%.

Good intentions

President Trump makes a number of promises, but there is not much clarity on “how” he would do it:

  • Policies to generate 500,000 businesses among Latinos
  • Increase access to capital for businesses through historic support for CDFIs and
  • Generate 2 million new jobs
  • Grow the portfolio of Latina business initiatives competing for federal hiring opportunities
  • Resolve DACA with a permanent solution that is fair and benefits all Americans



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