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Pelosi reveals the 7 proposals that the Trump Administration rejected in negotiations for new economic aid | The NY Journal

Pelosi reveals the 7 proposals that the Trump Administration rejected in negotiations for new economic aid | The NY Journal

Democrats and Trump Administration advance negotiations on $ 1,200 aid plan | The NY Journal

The failed negotiations for the new stimulus check had two specific points that trapped them, according to the first reports: state and local funds, as well as resources for a national plan to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this Thursday the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), sent a letter to the secretary of Teroso, Steven Mnuchin, where he pointed out more issues that could never be solved.

Negotiations between the two parties are supposed to continue, but the Democrat revealed the points where they are stuck almost from the beginning, while warning that the United States is approaching nine million COVID-19 infections and almost 250,000 deaths.

Also, although the country presented more than 7% economic recovery from July to September, there are still more than 23 million unemployed people.

“More than a week ago, you publicly announced that the White House would accept the Democrats’ language on testing, tracking and treatment with only a ‘slight change'”Pelosi recalled. “We still do not receive the final answer on the new language commitment regarding what the Administration will accept for the national science-based strategy for testing, tracing and treatment, which is necessary to stop the virus, as well as the language on vaccines. , provide ACA coverage to unemployed workers ”.

Given the pending list, both parties had basically agreed on the need for funds, but without specifying amounts and conditions, but they were clear on the $ 1,200 per person shipping.

1. National plan: funds for the detection and tracking of coronavirus cases, as well as treatment and distribution of vaccines. Last weekend, the Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, indicated that the Government would not seek to “contain the pandemic”Although he would focus on finding treatments and finding a vaccine.

2. State and local funds: a response from state, local, tribal and territorial funds that will honor our heroes and prevent the devastating outage.

3. Safe schools: decision on funds to reopen schools safely with social distancing, ventilation, sanitation and more resources for teachers and support workers, also to secure private schools and secure resources to the public K-12 system and higher education.

4. Childcare: a proposal on funding for families who desperately need resources to keep their children educated, parents get no resources, while schools are closed.

5. Credits for working families: a response that strengthens the labor tax credit and the child tax credit.

6. Unemployment insurance: an answer about the unemployment bonus.

7. Work safety plan: a response to secure jobs and keep the economy working.

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Democrat Pelosi reminds the Trump Administration that maintaining negotiations is crucial to addressing the problems described.

It also refers to the president’s promise during a re-election campaign rally to approve an aid package once he wins, but the Speaker of the House affirms that this would only be fulfilled if the Senate leader is integrated, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) and ask you to stop pressing the “pause” button.

“As I send you this message, millions of Americans have been waiting in line for hours to vote and it is disappointing that the White House does not want to fund our elections during the pandemic.”Pelosi lamented.

The Democrat added another point: confidence that the Trump Administration “reconsiders its position on completing the Census count,” since it was suspended with the endorsement of the Supreme Court.


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