Paris Hilton Teases Potential 2020 Halloween Looks: Dorothy, Playboy Bunny & More — Watch


Paris Hilton is starting the Halloween party early, showing off multiple sexy costume options to her fans. Should she be Dorothy, a schoolgirl, a Playboy Bunny, or something else this year?

Another Halloween, another opportunity for Paris Hilton to slay. The This Is Paris star, 39, gave fans a sneak peek at her 2020 costume ideas on Instagram, and in true Paris fashion, each is sexier than the last. Paris revealed in a video that she took a trip to the famed Trashy Lingerie store in Los Angeles, which offers hundreds of seriously scandalous costumes, and the fragrance queen modeled just a few in the dressing room.

First up: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz… or “Whorothy,” as Trashy Lingerie calls it. Rather than the quaint Kansas dress Judy Garland wears in the film, Paris’ version is a barely-there gingham dress with a corset top and a detached collar. It conveniently says “Dorothy” on the skirt in case you didn’t get it. Next, she modeled a classic sexy schoolgirl outfit, complete with a plaid miniskirt, a white corset with an attached tie, fingerless leather gloves, and conservative cardigan. The 2005 Playboy cover star next stepped out of the dressing room as a Playboy Bunny, with the iconic bunny ears, satin bodysuit, and detached collar and bowtie.

She kept those fingerless gloves on, too! Next up: an ice queen with a glittery cape and bodysuit featuring a structured bodice and deep, sheer cutouts. She finished her fashion show with one more look: tough warrior armor to become a “hotter” Joan of Arc, complete with a leather bodysuit dotted with studs and huge shoulders. Someone might want to tell her that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in 1431 so that’s not actually possible…

The best part of the video? She set it to the iconic scene from Mean Girls where Cady is explaining the concept of Halloween: “In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up and beg for candy. But in girl world, Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it. The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.”


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