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Kanye West criticizes 'Friends' after Jennifer Aniston said voting for him is not funny

Kanye West.

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Throughout his career, Kanye west He has released a myriad of outrages on his Twitter account, but this week he has crossed an invisible line in the opinion of many by attacking a world treasure: ‘Friends’. Despite the years that have passed since the last episode aired and how badly certain jokes with clearly sexist or homophobic overtones have ‘aged’, the story about six friends continues to gain fans every year among the new generations thanks to Netflix, which It has all the seasons in its catalog, and the costumes of the protagonists still set trends.

However, the rapper has dared to assure that the series would actually be overrated to get even with Jennifer Aniston, who has managed to offend him with one of the posts he recently shared on Instagram. Like many other celebrities, the famous actress has encouraged all her compatriots to participate in the next presidential elections, also asking them to inform themselves thoroughly about the proposals of the candidate they plan to vote for.

As a farewell, Jennifer wanted to add: “Voting for Kanye is not funny. I can’t find another way to say it. Please be responsible“.

His words did not sit well with the musician, who initially reacted on Twitter celebrating that his three-hour interview on the podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ had managed to scandalize many people, apparently including Jennifer. However, he did not want to leave it there and shortly after he published another tweet that read: “Friends’ was not funny either“.

Unsurprisingly, much of the virtual sphere does not share your opinion and has made it known to you in no uncertain terms. It seems that for once the criticism has taken effect and Kanye has decided to back down, because that tweet is no longer available on his profile.



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