There will be a snowmobile season

Many snowmobile enthusiasts have asked us this question in recent weeks. Well, yeah, it’s confirmed, there will be a snowmobile season.

“Yes, there is going to be a snowmobile season in the winter of 20-21. Above all, don’t be worried, said Stéphane Desroches, Director General of the Federation of Quebec Snowmobile Clubs. On the other hand, given the COVID problem that we live in, in red regions, we must all understand how to organize and plan our trips. Fans need to check whether there will be accommodation available, as will food services. Yes, the season will be here, but it will be more local. “

For the change of region, the CEO explains that now, with the snowmobiles we have, we can do long distances in one day. “We are both snowmobilers. We know very well that we can start from Mauricie, take a short trip to Saguenay and come back in the evening. It will therefore be possible to change region, while respecting the health standards to the letter. On the other hand, he might plan a small sandwich because there is a good chance that in many places it will not be possible to get service. “


Currently, the clubs are feverishly preparing as usual for when winter makes its official debut.

“Yes, at the moment, the volunteers are working on preparing for their season. However, I believe that the most important thing is that snowmobilers buy their right of access as quickly as possible. We must not forget that this offers beautiful trails for snowmobilers, but behind it all, our volunteers are working very hard. For infrastructure, every year all of our clubs across the province invest millions to improve the network. We must therefore buy the most access rights in order to provide the necessary funds to help our clubs. “

Currently, if you purchase your right of access on the federation’s website,, you are entitled to a very attractive discount.

“If fans purchase their entry fee before or on December 9, they will be eligible for an $ 80 discount. The price is currently $ 340, so after the 9th it will be $ 420. Our clubs consider that what is happening now is just a small test to get around. They are already proud to create the network because it is a passion for them. It is certain that they are very concerned about sanitary standards. For many, going to groom a trail is therapy. When they get a little thank you from the snowmobilers, or a virtual pat on the back, it makes them happy. These are our volunteers. “


The presence of COVID-19 is a reality that no one can deny.

“Of course, as a Federation, our duty is to support our clubs in this completely new adventure for everyone. We have to supervise our clubs and give them tools. We quickly saw their reactions, which prove to us that once again, our volunteers can adapt quickly and provide a quality network to snowmobilers. As every year, our 33,000 kilometers of trails will be surfaced and we will be able to enjoy our great adventures and discover unique panoramas in all our regions. “

Also, we must not forget that the season, which will begin in a few weeks, will mark the arrival of novices on the trails. Snowmobile sales at dealerships were very strong, setting records for many of them.

“I invite all these new followers [à] take the time to get to grips with their new snowmobile. You don’t have to be cowboys, if I may. There are the laws, respect for others, keeping the right on the trails at all times, zero tolerance for alcohol. This is all very important, but basically people have to get to know their snowmobile very well. Remember that everything happens between the handlebars and the snowmobile bench, in the mind of the person who operates the machine. It is often seen in fatal accidents. Unfortunately, they often occur when the driver makes the wrong decision. “

Over the years, snowmobiles have become very efficient machines.

“These machines have become much more fun to drive. It’s easy now to do 300-kilometer days, to change regions, to enjoy the landscapes. But, we must always remain cautious. “

Personally, as a columnist and snowmobiler, I consider modern snowmobiles to be efficient, comfortable, environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, but behind all these fine qualities lies a traitor. If you push too far, exceeding your capabilities, you can quickly find yourself in a very bad position, losing control in an icy curve or even venturing on the surface of lakes and rivers that are not marked and very often dangerous. . Often, in a group, we feel a little more cheerful except that in the end, it is you who will pay for your carelessness. By respecting your limits and avoiding provoking danger, your excursions will turn into pleasure and not into nightmare.

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