The dance in a tiny bikini with another girl from Sol Pérez, the Argentine Yanet García | The NY Journal

Sol Pérez, the Argentine Yanet García, once again surprised her followers with the video of a dance from a terrace. The Channel 26 host combined several of her passions in a few seconds: physical training, summer and spending time outdoors with a friend.

The “ex-weather girl” has a tight schedule between work and her law exams, but every time she can, she takes a trip to the pool in her building. Her boyfriend, Guido Mazzoni, usually accompanies her on her relaxing hours in the heights, However, This time she was shown with a friend where both showed off their curves in tiny bikinis.

“Yes now! There he goes with music! I missed you friend! Do you like this one? Does it work out? In a few hours, his post has exceeded 148 thousand likes and received very good comments: “Beautiful”, “Coordination and sculptural body, everything I don’t have”, “How much discipline to have those curves!”

The dancer Solange Baez and the host showed their flexibility to do squats, lunges and jumps to the rhythm of the music. Laughing and happy, they enjoyed their reunion under the sun.


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