Sonu Sood dismisses those who doubt his good intentions, says ‘to be negative is in their DNA’


Actor Sonu Sood has dismissed those questioning the intentions behind his charitable ventures. Sonu has been at the forefront of several aid measures since the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

In an interview, Sonu said that he doesn’t bother about the negativity, since he is only answerable to the ‘common man’. Sonu has been helping those who’ve suffered because of the pandemic.

He told SpotboyE, “I am not really going out of my way to justify my behaviour to people who doubt my intentions. To be negative is in their DNA. It’s not their fault. All these are trolls. They have no spine and they are only seeking attention.” The actor said that he knows who the trolls are inside and out: “I know their backgrounds, their names, and where they’re coming from. So I don’t need to explain myself to them. This negativity is my impetus to keep doing the good work, regardless of what the cynics have to say.”

He added, “The common man should know how we function, how we operate, how many people reach out to us, and not just on Twitter, but on the phone as well. We have a toll-free number, we also have people reaching out to us on Instagram, email etc.”

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Earlier this week, Sonu was forced to share proof after one person accused him of offering help to fake accounts and running a ‘PR exercise’. Sonu, sharing screenshots of a spreadsheet and a hospital’s scheduled paediatric surgeries, wrote, “That’s the best part brother.I find a needy & they somehow find me.”

Previously, after being called ‘the biggest scam of 2020’, Sonu told Hindustan Times, “These are a handful of people, and they suddenly rise from nowhere on social media. They don’t actually exist in reality. I didn’t bother to see what they’ve written, some friends told me. Who has the time to read? I’ve got lots of things to do for people.”

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