Dodgers are MLB champions 32 years later | The NY Journal


It took 32 years for the Los Angeles Dodgers to win a major league title again in a game where the Mexican pitchers Víctor González and Julio Urías fired for the Angelenos to win the crown.

In the first Rays quickly took the advantage with a hit to blow the fence of Cuban Randy Arozarena those from Tampa went upstairs.

From the mound Blake Snell was intractable and dominated for 5 full innings to the Dodgers They couldn’t find a way to hurt the Rays, however, the manager decided to take him out and tragedy came for Tampa.

Already with Nick Anderson from the mound, the Dodgers’ reaction came, first with a double by Betts, then Anderson He threw a stone to make a wild pitch that Barnes took advantage of to tie.

Immediately after Seager activated the line to propel Betts and pull off the comeback.

For the seventh the Mexican arrived Julio Urías to take over and close the game to win the championship, The culichi became the Mexican-born pitcher with the most World Series appearances by reaching 5 and surpassing Fernando Salas and Víctor González.

On the eighth scroll Mookie Betts appeared again to send Dona Blanca flying with a solo homer that made it 3-1.

With the Dodgers title lhe city of Los Angeles is the great champion of sports this year, since in the NBA the Lakers were crowned, curiously also against a team from Florida, Miami Heat.



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