Ana Bárbara had a tremendous scare with her children in Los Angeles | The NY Journal


The spectacular Mexican regional singer Ana Barbara it was for his brother Antero Ugalde to the airport in the company of her children and her boyfriend Angel Muñoz, who was in charge of driving. They all came for “the uncle” two hours after he landed. So far everything was happiness, hugs and family jokes.

When the boyfriend of Ana Barbara begins to drive to the family home again, a few meters from where the car was, there was an accident that involved several cars. We already know that in the city of The Angels cars go at high speed. The car that was followed by all those who crashed was in which the actress was also traveling, that is, almost and they do not count it.

Fortunately, Angel, who is the gentleman who occupies the heart of the Mexican, proved to be quite a pilot and managed to brake in time so that nothing happened.

click here stop watching the video you shared Univision about the impressions of Ana Barbara regarding what happened.



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