2 sisters arrested for stabbing a guard 27 times who asked them to wear masks | The NY Journal


Two Chicago sisters were arrested for stabbing a security guard who asked them to wear face masks at a Starbucks.

The incident occurred on Sunday in the west of the city. Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18, were charged Tuesday and are being held without bail.

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According to information from the police, the women beat the guard for insisting that they wear the masks. In a moment, Jessica Hill pulled a dagger out of her back pocket and stabbed the man while the other woman teased him by the hair. The subject suffered injuries to the chest, back and arms.

The women were arrested at the scene. The man is 33 years old and is hospitalized in serious condition.

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The women’s attorney said the event was in self defense and that women are bipolar. Prosecutors said the guard never touched the women and kept his distance from coronavirus protocols.



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