Rahul Dev: OTT is very freeing, I am enjoying it a lot

Like many actors, Rahul Dev, too, decided to dabble with the OTT medium, not because of lack of film opportunities but because if the variety and interesting roles coming his way. The actor says he is glad to have joined the OTT bandwagon early given how big it has become now.

“We are actors and all we seek is work. OTT gives different set of opportunities and I am happy about it. OTT is very freeing. I have been lucky that the variety that I am getting. Often there is an image that you have to cater to in films but that is not the case on OTT. For example Who’s Your Daddy was completely different from Operation Parindey. It is just like making a film but more elaborate and I am really enjoying it,” shares the actor, who made his OTT debut with The Test Case in 2018. 

Noting how the OTT platforms have changed the game in the entertainment world amid the pandemic, Dev says, “OTT nahi hota toh kya hota. I also think that. As the time changes so does entertainment modes and the best that we can do is adapt, that is what I have been doing all throughout my career.”

The 52-year-old is also one of the first few actors to step out and shoot his web projects amid the pandemic. “I shot for a project on June 24 and it was the middle of the pandemic. Then I also did Poison 2. I have been constantly working. The logistics of shooting have changed. Kashmakash jaari hai aur kya,” he adds.

The actor also recently wrapped his web film Raat Baaki Hai. Talking about the challenges one faces while shooting amid the pandemic and whether the fear of catching the virus constantly plays in the mind, he says, “Aadmi bhool jata hai. You feel forgetful during acting otherwise you cannot work and function. You live with the fact that this is a new age handicap. Live with it till the vaccine comes out. You can’t be hiding all your life.”

Dev feels that work is the only thing that can one sane. “The world has opened up, people are working, you can sense that things are not normal and despite that you are working that is not bravado but that is what we got to do,” he concludes.

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