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Prepare your quad well for winter

Prepare your quad well for winter

Prepare your quad well for winter

As the cold season approaches, some maintenance will become necessary on your quad or side-by-side if you want to ride this winter.

To find out more, we spoke with the workshop foreman at Adrénaline Sports, Mr. William Lapointe.

“Like all motor vehicles, quads and side-by-sides need specific maintenance tailored for the winter months ahead, if we want to ride in colder conditions,” explains the expert. It’s a series of simple steps that can make the difference between a successful hike and a big problem. “

Here are eight tips he has chosen to give to enthusiasts who plan to use their vehicle in winter conditions.


As a first step, he recommends a good general inspection of the vehicle. “You have to check your vehicle’s oils well, whether you think of the engine, transmission or differential. During the season, it is possible that there is created condensation or other in these places, which will cause that with the temperature changes the water will create an expansion of the joints, causing damage to the engine. or transmission. It is therefore necessary to check the quality of the oils and also if there are no leaks. “


Since your vehicle will be subject to very different conditions than summer, you have to choose the right engine oil.

“I recommend going with a fully synthetic oil. It will keep all of its properties in both winter and summer. Since many hobbyists will often delay oil changes due to less usage, it is best that they choose this type of oil immediately. “


A very important element that will certainly make the difference is the quality of the coolant.

“Too often people neglect to check the quality of the coolant. It may be old and have deteriorated over time. Also, some hobbyists add water when it is lacking. The temperature index where it will be really active will no longer be effective when you need it in winter. Normally, a good coolant has to cope with temperatures of -35 to -41 degrees, precisely because of the climatic changes we are experiencing at home. So the best way to get the most out of the fluid would be to strengthen it or simply change it, especially if it’s been around for several years. “


It is very important to lubricate the vehicle well. “Yes, the lubrication of all parts of the vehicle where we find the necessary openings. This ensures good lubrication and better performance. In addition, it allows moisture and water that can accumulate to escape. Thus, there will be no formation of ice, for example, which will automatically lead to better efficiency of the suspension and all joints or articulations of the vehicle. “


The tire companies have developed some for the winter, a fairly new element in the decor.

“The quality of the tires is very important. Personally, I recommend using studded tires, bearing in mind that the rolling surfaces can change greatly on the trail. The tires that are on the vehicles are basically intended for use on a rock, sand or dirt surface. When you think of winter, I think you really need to use the right tires. Now there is a whole range of tires available, for every use you put the vehicle in. The winter tires will help prevent swaying and provide better traction on the ice. The acceleration and braking will be better, the same principle as for a car. “


For the proper functioning of your vehicle’s electrical system, the expert advises you to always use a high-performance battery in winter.

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“For me, the drums are essential in proper preparation. If she has been in the vehicle for two or three years and you find yourself in a very cold temperature and you need her, she may not want to respond. The vehicle may not restart. Also, in winter, there are many more demands on the electrical system with heated grips, heated helmets and lights, because many times we return from hiking in the dark. This means that the whole system is under much more stress. Remember, in winter, now is not the time to break down. “


When you go out in the winter, it is always best to have a reserve of gasoline with you.

“The fuel consumption of the vehicle is sure to change. Riding in snow is much more difficult on the training system. All the mechanics will be much more in demand. When trail conditions change, such as deeper snow, the demand on the engine is much greater. The gasoline will therefore drop more quickly in the tank. Air density also matters a lot. Traveling in cold air increases fuel consumption. It is for these reasons that it is preferable to have a reserve with you, especially since today there is everything you need, supports and others, to be able to transport gasoline. “


When going out, it is best to always have a survival kit with you.

“The majority of quads have additional boxes. Even if the vehicle is considered to be in perfect working order, a breakdown can occur. So it is advisable to have with you warm linen, matches, a first aid kit, all very useful items. The famous Hot Pads can be great friends under such circumstances. Don’t forget an extra snack and water. “

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