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Marjorie de Sousa became a banana! | The NY Journal

Marjorie de Sousa became a banana! | The NY Journal

Marjorie de Sousa became a banana! | The NY Journal

Marjorie de Sousa published in his account Instagram the whole process that went through to become a banana. It turns out that she was invited by the show Televisa “The mask”, in which a famous person must dance and sing but with a costume on. In this case it was the beautiful blonde.

In the panel that was finding out who was behind the outfit were Juanpa Zurita, Carlos Rivera, Yuri Y Consuelo Duval, who were not even close to guessing who the character was even when they were given many clues.

“I was the ugly duckling when I was at school, it took me a lot to stand where I am today, standing at the theater was horrible for me, even yesterday at rehearsals they don’t know how much stomach ache I had. But it is something that I enjoy now, because if we don’t do this we don’t enjoy life and what we do, art, and I want to thank tonight for letting me compete, for letting me not be me because people always see you in a different way We all have a child inside and I chose this character, rather, Matías, my son, chose him ”, were the words of the Venezuelan about this experience she lived.

Previous days he published a video walking very sensually with a leopard body that highlighted his prominent rear, which ignited social networks and also his ex-sister-in-law, Paty Ramosco. She said that Marjorie is “empty and basic “. Everything indicates that the conflict over the loss of parental authority Julian Gil about the son of both, Matías Gil, still on the warpath.

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