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Justin and Hailey Bieber have taken advantage of confinement to strengthen their marriage

Justin and Hailey Bieber.

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Although he is back in vogue for his musical novelties and for his reappearance on the covers of fashion magazines, the truth is that the singer Justin Bieber continues to bet strongly on that documentary series, called ‘Justin Bieber: Next Chapter‘And which is broadcast on YouTube, which has helped him in recent times to connect more deeply with his followers and open up about the most intimate matters of his life.

In advance of the next chapter, in fact, the Canadian takes stock of those hard months of confinement that, like a good part of the world’s citizens, had to endure during the first half of the year. Apart from all the plans that he had to cancel in the context of the health crisis, such as going on tour last summer, Justin has preferred to highlight some of the advantages derived from domestic confinement.

Among them, undoubtedly the time he had in his hands to write and shape such successful singles as ‘Lonely’ and ‘Holy’, published months after the release of his album ‘Changes’, stands out, and above all the opportunity he received He presented to cultivate with more intensity if possible his love story with his wife Hailey Baldwin, with whom he recently celebrated his second wedding anniversary.

“Somehow the cancellation of the tour has helped us take a step back and focus on each other. It has been something beautiful and wonderful to be able to strengthen what is ours, and also I have been able to turn all this into the production of a new album “explains the 26-year-old interpreter in the video that has already transpired about the episode.

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