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Biden or Trump: What Polls Say in Key States A Few Days Before Elections | The NY Journal

Biden or Trump: What Polls Say in Key States A Few Days Before Elections | The NY Journal

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Everything indicates that the presidency of the United States will be defined by a narrow margin on November 3.

The Electoral College system forces us to ignore the figures for the global popular vote, so the electoral battle is concentrated in the states in which both Joe Biden as Donald Trump can win (key states). 270 electoral votes are needed to declare victory in the US presidential elections The candidate with the most votes in a state is the one who gets the electoral votes of the same.

Here’s a look at what polls are saying in key states within days of the election. The data was taken from the FiveThirtyEight site.


The balance tips in favor of Biden with 48.7% of the vote. The president registers 45.8%. The southwestern US state delivers 11 votes to the Electoral College. Trump won the state in 2016 by 90,000 votes.


The third most populous state in the United States is one of the largest decision-makers. Obama won it in 2008 and 2012, but Trump won it back for Republicans in 2016. Right now the polls have Biden winning by 49.1% against 46.7% for the president. Florida offers 29 votes to the Electoral College.


The state in the region of the Great Lakes favored Obama in both his presidencies, but in 2016 it was left to Trump. Deliver 16 votes to the Electoral College. The latest poll has Biden the winner with 50.6%. The president is far behind with 42.7%.

North Carolina

The state has been a Republican stronghold. The last Democratic victory was in 2008 with Obama. In dispute there are 15 votes of the Electoral College. Biden leads the polls with 49.2%. Trump has 46.6% of the voting intention.


Another state of the “Belt of Rust” that usually defines elections. Trump won it in 2016, but Obama and Bill Clinton kept it in past elections. Trump appears winner in the polls with 47.9% while Biden registers 46.5%. He contributes 18 electoral votes.

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The steel state was left to Trump in 2016 after winning by 10,000 votes. Biden, who is a native of that state, appears first in the polls with 50.3% while Trump barely reaches 44.7%. There are 20 Electoral College votes at stake.


A working-class state that demands better government. It only delivers 10 electoral votes, but those confirmed Trump as president in 2016. Polls have Biden up with 50.9% while Trump gets 44.1%.

Other states to follow are Georgia and Minnesota. The polls favor Biden in the latter, while the former the situation is even.


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