An announcement as predictable as it is disappointing for traders


The extension of sanitary measures in the red zone is not a big surprise, but tenants are still disappointed that their establishments, which they consider to be safe, must still remain closed.

“As you might expect, it’s not a big surprise. We saw it coming. It’s a big disappointment though, ”says Alain Rochette, co-owner of the Les Maltcommodes microbrewery in Quebec City.

The problem, he said, is that the government has not been able to prove that restaurants, bars or gyms, for example, are places of the spread for COVID-19.

Francois Meunier,

Courtesy photo

Francois Meunier,

“We keep saying that restaurants are not hatching places. We are supervised and supervised. This is not where it is played, “adds François Meunier, vice-president of public and government affairs of the Association des restaurateurs du Québec.

Dead calm

Owner of three restaurants, Luis W. Corcuera is used to seeing them crowded around 7 p.m., when Le Journal met him on Monday.

“It’s rush hour. It should be full! He said looking at an empty dining room.

Even though he’s not surprised by the announcement, he doesn’t understand why his business can’t open when “there’s a crowd in the mall.”

In addition, the financial assistance announced at the beginning of the month by the Quebec government is considered insufficient by tenants to hold out until the reopening.

“This is not at all what we expected, we will not have liquidity in the short term. It’s pretty catastrophic, ”explains Mathieu Cloutier, owner of the Ninkasi Simple Malt bar in Quebec City.

“It takes a real aid program. You don’t have to spend three months studying the applications. Otherwise, companies will die in abundance, ”insists François Meunier.

No hatching

For the middle of the show, who didn’t expect to be part of the closures in late September, Monday’s announcement is a second blow to take.

David Laferrière,
RIDEAU diffusers

Photo Jean-François Desgagnes

David Laferrière,
RIDEAU diffusers

“We had implemented rigorous and safe health plans. We barely had time to put on shows before it closed, argues David Laferrière, president of the RIDEAU Broadcasters Association. And I can’t ignore the fact that there has been no outbreak, no case associated with our wards. “

Denis Hurtubise, president of the Association of Quebec Cinemas Owners, makes the same speech.

“There is no such thing as a movie theater outbreak. We were looking at at least having a reopening date. This is not the news we expected, ”he explains.

– With Alex Proteau, from the QMI Agency


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