The networks went crazy with the beauty of Irina Baeva’s sister and even said they look like twins | The NY Journal


The actress Irina Baeva She has become famous not only for her talent and beauty but for all the controversy she sparked when she began her relationship with Gabriel Soto, the ex of Geraldine Balzán, when supposedly these last two were still married. But now it is a topic of conversation again, because the beautiful blonde has a sister and everyone was stunned by her beauty.

Is called Nina Kábochkina and takes a year with his sister. But what most impacts his followers is that they are like two drops of water since they were very small.

The beauty Girl has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, lives in Russia, married at 19 and has a beautiful daughter. She is also very attached to her sister Irina and flowers and messages of love are always being thrown through social networks. There is no doubt that these little sisters are among the most beautiful women on social media.



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