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Chiquis Rivera he always looks amazing in his photographs and at any event he attends. The daughter of Jenni Rivera knows very well how to make her makeup look spectacular and bring out your best facial features. And if you’ve ever wondered how he does it, here are some of his tips.

1. Take care of the skin

The most important thing is always take care of the skin. Like other famousChiquis doesn’t sleep with makeup on and knows how bad it is for her skin. That is why it recommends always remove your makeup before you go to sleep.

2. Do not abuse makeup

Although sometimes we can see her with looks that attract a lot of attention, the singer does not like to wear many products but make a fabulous look with less. She says the important thing is to bring out the best in you.

3. Plagues

Some mascara with false eyelashes is Chiquis’s secret to look like a different woman. You know your appearance changes a lot with this formula so it is your favorite tip. Makes the eye looks more open and the image it gives is completely of another person.

4. Final touches

Simple, beautiful and natural, that’s what Janney is looking for in a final look, whether it’s highlighting the lips with a suitable shade or making your eyebrow look spectacular. To finish she always uses facial spray to keep your makeup longer.



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