Some of the most active Canadian websites in disinformation

Canada-based Twitter accounts are among the most active in spreading disinformation related to Russian government claims, according to a US Department of State report.

The report highlighted the crucial contribution that these accounts have in the information sphere. They can have a significant influence on internet users’ understanding of the issues on the eve of the US presidential elections.

Twitter pages believed to be established in Canada accounted for about 7% of all tweets issued between April and June relaying articles highlighting typical Russian and anti-American propaganda theses.

The hashtags # covid19 and #coronavirus were most often associated with these often conspiracy theories articles.

One of the websites studied in the report is Global Research, founded by retired University of Ottawa economics professor Michel Chossudovsky and based in Montreal. He is one of the biggest spreaders of false information on the social network. He has nearly 38,000 followers on Twitter.

This American social network has restricted access to links shared by Global Research, posting a warning web page that serves as a warning to Internet users who wish to proceed to the site. Global Research is also associated with pro-Chinese propaganda players.

The site has published and continues to publish daily articles on the September 11 attacks, the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Syria and the American elections.

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