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Radio-Canada and non-debate

Radio-Canada and non-debate

Radio-Canada and non-debate

Radio-Canada constantly prides itself on being for diversity. Diversity of skin colors, diversity of sexual orientation, gender diversity, ethnic diversity. Diversity, diversity, diversity. They only have that word in their mouths. But when the time comes to have a diversity of opinion, all of a sudden, you’re gone.

Last night at Everybody talks about it, Guy A. Lepage had invited not one, or two, or three people who thought alike, but four!

Following an interview with the Ottawa teacher who was suspended for using the word “nigger” in class, four black people were invited who are opposed to the use of the word “nigger” in class.

Hello debate.

A dialogue of the deaf

In recent weeks, Normand Brathwaite has been heard telling TVA and QUB radio that he was “shocked” by the suspension of the professor from Ottawa.

We heard from Dany Laferrière (the author of How to have sex with a nigger without getting tired) declare that “The word ‘nigger’ goes in any mouth.”

We heard Dominique Anglade declare that we were in full swing and support the academic freedom of Prof Lieutenant-Duval. We also read Boucar Diouf offering a nuanced opinion in Press, where he also wrote: “I warmly congratulate Dominique Anglade for his clear and nuanced position in this saga which is being played out at the University of Ottawa. A wisdom that matches the vision already announced by Dany Laferrière and Normand Brathwaite a few days ago ”.

In short, we could have had one of these four to “debate” at TLMEP.

But we preferred to invite four people who lean on the same side, Vanessa Destiné (who had already clearly indicated her position in an interview with Céline Galipeau), Émilie Nicolas and Weber who have been denouncing the systemic racism of Quebecers and Ricardo Lamour for months.

This artist has already written a text in 2017 entitled Does Quebec only like white artists? to complain that his songs weren’t on the radio. It was also he who violently opposed the presentation of SLĀV at the TNM (without having seen Lepage’s play).

People on the left spend their time denouncing our unconscious “biases”.

At Radio-Canada, their bias is as obvious as the nose in the middle of the face.

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How to make love with a no word

I have often said how prophetic Denys Arcand’s films are. Well, can you believe he even anticipated the controversy surrounding the word “nigger” that is rocking the University of Ottawa?

In his film The dark ages, we are witnessing a tasty scene.

The civil servant Jean-Marc Leblanc (Marc Labrèche) is summoned by André Robitaille, “an executive attached to the reengineering of personnel management, in administrative region 02”. “Mr. Leblanc, you know that the word‘ ‘n …’ ’is forbidden in Quebec,” André Robitaille told him. A senior civil servant who speaks in cul de poule says: “The Office de la langue française has decreed that‘ n … ’is becoming a‘ ‘non-word’ ”.

A no word! Arcand had planned everything … in 2007!

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