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Mammoth 2020: under the seal of diversity

Mammoth 2020: under the seal of diversity

Mammoth 2020: under the seal of diversity

A look at the list of finalists for the celebration Mammoth 2020 confirms this: young people were greatly affected in 2020 by issues related to diversity, social movements advocating equality, entertainment on the web and, of course, the pandemic.

They are 15 appointed on the fourth evening Mammoth, already in preparation, and which will be broadcast on Télé-Québec on Friday, December 11.

The adolescents aged 13 to 17 who took part in the Grand Mammouth Survey 2020 (carried out on the web and supplemented by virtual meetings with young people from all over Quebec), to establish the nominations, are obviously keen to curb racism. and to encourage initiatives in favor of diversity, as evidenced by the presence on the honor roll of Elisapie, Fabrice Vil, Jemmy Echaquan Dubé and Jessica Prudencio, all involved in movements like Black Lives Matter, or activist for Indigenous rights or body diversity.

They are also happy, apparently, with the management of the health crisis, François Legault and Horacio Arruda being cited among the Mammoth aspirants.

Some selected personalities (Alicia Moffet, Arnaud Soly, Mathieu Dufour) pour more into artistic activity, while others have dazzled by their exceptional actions (such as Laurent Duvernay-Tardif and Catherine “Peach” Paquin, who offered their services in hospitals to fight the coronavirus, Farah Alibay, who took part in NASA’s Mars 2020 space mission, and Kim St-Pierre, the first goaltender admitted to the Hockey Hall of Fame).

More than 1000 responses to the survey have been recorded, and we can vote now, up to 1er November, to elect the five most inspiring winners of the year.

“What surprises me most is that for young people the importance of diversity is much more established than it is for us. For them, this is natural, and it gives this diverse panorama, without being forced. Young people give us hope. They have no cynicism and have real motivations for the future, “said Jocelyn Lebeau, content co-producer, who is completing her fifth project Mammoth, including the Mammoth Ball last June.

Not a gala

We no longer use the term “gala” to denote Mammoth, this humorous year-round review, hosted since its inception by Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Pier-Luc Funk. The event, produced by Pamplemousse Média and Attraction Images, multiple award-winning Gemini, Youth Media Alliance and Banff Rockie Awards, is not a formal awards ceremony and does not prioritize its winners according to their degree of achievement. fame or “importance” of their accomplishments, but rather highlights a variety of inspirations, in various forms.

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Already last year, the segments of Mammoth were fully pre-recorded, with no studio audience. The method will be recommended again this year, in the context where gatherings are prohibited. The team of Mammoth is breaking his head, currently, to manage to concoct funny sketches and astonishing surprises for the winners, in the respect of the sanitary rules.

We visit the to consult the list of finalists of Mammoth 2020 and vote for our favorites. The evening will be presented on December 11, on Télé-Québec.

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