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Those interested in doing physical exercise should take into account the amounts they make every day so that you can increase them as your body can handle more. All exercises are performed with this in mind, and squats are no exception.

From GQ Magazine they offer us information on how many squats we should do daily according to our level. The main idea is that we must increase the intensity as our body can with more effort without falling into too much wear.

The number of squats you can perform will depend on several factors. Source: Shutterstock


Beginners can do a minimum of 20 squats per day and perceive results. This is an initial number that will allow you to get into the rhythm of the activity and see some development in endurance and muscle.

It is preferable for beginners to perform simple squats before opting for any variant, such as weighted squats, jump squats, or 180 degree jump squats, alternatives that they can perform when they already have some practice and resistance.

It is not explicitly necessary to do all 20 squats in a single set; they can be divided into two sets of 10 repetitions each for greater comfort. However, doing reps on a single shot is a scenario that must eventually be reached.


When you get to the intermediate level, the ideal is that you can 50 squats per day. This is an amount that will allow you increase calorie burning, and also accelerate your metabolic processes.

The 50 squats is an amount you should consider having reached 20 squats in a single set, but this does not mean that you try too hardInstead, set small goals so that 50 squats is an easy figure to achieve over time.

You can feel satisfied if you manage to perform all 50 squats in two sets of 25 repetitions each.. If you feel comfortable you can increase the difficulty and test if your body is ready to do all 50 reps at once.


Once you have passed the intermediate level, the figure for which you should mentalize is nothing more and nothing less than 100 squats.

It should be borne in mind that it is not necessary to exceed the number of squats that our physical capacity allows us to perform. Source: Pexels

Performing 100 squats a day will allow you gain strength, endurance and muscles. In addition, you will be able to observe changes more quickly than with lower amounts, which serves as a important source of motivation.

However, You can only get all of the above if you do the 100 squats in a row, a situation that may be very difficult for you today, but which it is possible to reach with effort and discipline.

All the effort we make must match the level of our physical fitness to avoid exposing ourselves to serious injuries that compromise our physical integrity and our state of health ultimately

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