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Horoscope for El Niño Prodigio October 26, 2020 | The opinion

Horoscope for El Niño Prodigio October 26, 2020 | The opinion

Horoscope for El Niño Prodigio October 12, 2020 | The opinion

03/21 – 04/19

Don’t be surprised if others don’t agree with your ideas. The good thing you have is that you put faith and trust in what you want to do. You will defend your opinions with confidence, so I congratulate you on your firmness.

04/20 – 05/20

You will realize that financial matters require good judgment. Trust fully in your good judgment because your mind is clear and clear. Put in motion the goals that you have been thinking about.

05/21 – 06/20

These days you will have a surprise that will leave you with your mouth open. Someone very special from your past reappears and you have the possibility to rekindle the flame of passion. It may not suit you, so think about it.

6/21 – 7/20

Now is the time to get serious and end a conflict from long ago. You must make a decision and those who love you will support you. If you wrap yourself in fantasies, you will not perceive the real problems.

07/21 – 08/21

You have to distract yourself from everyday responsibilities and what better way than with good friends. Organize some kind of social gathering in advance and have a great time cultivating good friendships… Do it now!

08/22 – 09/22

If you are looking for a job, this will be the opportunity to go out in your search. And if you already have your job, wait, because positive changes are approaching your life. You have a character that will help you get what you want.

09/23 – 10/22

You are a lovely and generous person, so you deserve the best. Do not settle for little, take my advice. End that relationship that generates conflicts, and takes time and energy. If you are not related then give yourself the opportunity to evolve.

10/23 – 11/22

You have the possibility of taking a trip abroad for work and unknown doors will open for you, but fascinating. Evaluate whether it suits you or not; And if someone helps you, return the favor, because that is how your attitude will be appreciated.

11/23 – 12/20

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You will have to generate an immediate transformation. Any renewal in your way of life suits you, because your vitality is wearing thin and you have to revive yourself whatever it takes. Change your habits as soon as possible.

12/21 – 01/19

This will be a fruitful period to start business and benefit through partners. It’s a good time for it, the stars are helping you. Be realistic, and with your feet on the ground, don’t be fooled by flattery.

01/20 – 02/18

Today you will seek the attention of family members who love you and that you have by your side, and if you do not succeed, you will take it the wrong way and you will resent it. Be careful with such sensitivity. Stabilize yourself emotionally because if not, you will suffer.

02/19 – 03/20

Comments from close people refer to you and your flight from romance to romance. Instead of taking care of their lives, they take care of yours. If you don’t give reasons for gossip, you won’t fuel gossip.

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