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12-year-old boy who received the experimental coronavirus vaccine asks other children to consider taking it | The NY Journal

Until now, Most of the COVID-19 vaccines tested around the world are aimed at adults, but for some pharmaceutical companies the time has come to explore the long-awaited drug in minors.

Last week, a group of 100 12-year-olds were vaccinated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as part of Pfizer’s vaccine trials. Y one of them who received the experimental coronavirus vaccine asks other children to consider taking it.

I think everyone in my school would like to get back to normal. I really believe that a vaccine could prevent the spread of infection. From now on, I would probably ask other children to maybe take it, “a minor identified as Abhinav.

Abhinav is a seventh grade student who is part of the group of minor volunteers who have participated in the trial. His father is a hospital doctor and he himself also participated as a volunteer in a trial of Phase 1 earlier this year.

The doctor Robert Frenck, who leads the trials of Pfizer’s drug in children, explained to the publication that the medical team is making sure that the whole process is as safe as possible, so at this time the trial has stopped to observe possible reactions to the vaccine in minors who have already received it. So far, side effects have been limited to fever, pain, redness, and lumps at the injection site.

Frenck assures that the drug is safe and that is why it is being tested in children, since it has already been applied in 30,000 adults. Pfizer’s experimental vaccine does not use active viruses, but a genetic material called mRNA to stimulate the production of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. In addition, “the mRNA does not stay in the body, but it breaks down fairly quickly,” explained the doctor.


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