Antonio Mohamed compares America with Boca Juniors: “It has the same relevance” | The NY Journal

“El Turco” Mohamed assured that the Eagles have the same weight as the Xeneizes.

Victor Pichardo / Imago7

In a talk with an Argentine television station, Antonio Mohamed recalled his times as technical director of América de Liga MX and compared the club to Boca Juniors.

Talking with the Argentine journalist Alejandro Fantino, “El Turco” endorsed his love for the azulcrema club, saying that it is gigantic and just as relevant as the Xeneizes.

“Yes (it is giant), it is much bigger than the institution itself, it has millions of fans. America must have 20, 30 million fans and has the same relevance as Boca. It’s like directing Boca ”, said the now Rayados de Monterrey coach when Fantino asked him that his former club was huge and impressive.

The media weight is like Boca, the media transcendence, all the weight here on top, you make a change, you lose, you empathize is the same significance as Boca. They have the same weight and the truth is that it was a very painful experience”, He concluded.

It should be remembered that Mohamed directed America for two seasons, in the 2014 Clausura he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, but en the Opening Tournament of that same year he was champion. Despite this, for internal reasons he was fired by the board shortly after.


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