Second ticket bought by mistake allowed to win $ 2 million in Mega Millions | The NY Journal

Samir Mazahem accidentally bought an additional lottery ticket and ended up winning two top prizes of $ 1 million each.

Mazahem, a Dearborn Heights resident (Michigan), 56, said he was saving numbers on a lottery app after buying a $ 2 ticket to the Mega Millions game on September 9. June. Then he realized that he had bought a second ticket with the same numbers.

“I was a bit bummed, but I didn’t think much of it,” Mazahem recently commented. Only recently did he log on to the app and found that he had two winning ticket winners of $ 1 million each.

“I couldn’t believe it was real,” Mazahem said. “It took several days for me to realize that my mistake had been worth $ 2 million!”

He recently claimed his prize and plans to buy a new home and save the rest, he reported. Associated Press.


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