Mrunal Thakur: If Bollywood been that bad a place then most of us wouldn’t have survived


Discussions around biases in Bollywood have been on for a long time now. Industry insiders have expressed displeasure regarding the negative image that’s being painted, and feel that judgements on social media and trials conducted by a certain section of the media, are only adding to the chaos. Actor Mrunal Thakur couldn’t agree more.

“Today, people think they’re going to influence and change the world via social media, and whatever they’re saying is right. What many don’t realise is that these messages have both positive and negative effects on people. I think more than anyone else, those like us with a certain number of following, need to be careful and responsible about what we’re putting out there,” she says.

Thakur shares that Bollywood is one industry that everyone wants to know more about, and hence it remains under constant limelight.


“Had it been that bad a place, most of us wouldn’t have survived. For me, Bollywood has been a beautiful journey and many will vouch for this,” she says.

Referring to the flak Bollywood has been facing for the last few months, she adds, “All these judgements and trials, allegations and blame game are destroying the reputation of the industry for no reason. There’s good and bad everywhere. I believe in the law and the government. I don’t understand these self-made Sherlock Holmes on social media who’re sitting behind the screens and passing judgements.”

Encouraging aspiring talent nurturing Bollywood dreams who might be feeling demotivated by all this negativity, Thakur urges, “Do not fear or get worried. Just believe in yourself. Don’t stop pursing your dream because of what’s happening right now. All these silliness is going to be put to bed soon.”

Quoting her own example, she shares there have been times when she has been questioned about her decision of joining the industry.

“It did affect me initially, but I realised this is my decision and even if I go wrong, I should deal with it. All our childhood, we learn how to be successful, but we never learn how to deal with failures. It’s important to take responsibility for projects that failed much like those that worked. I’m here to narrate stories, explore my love for the art of acting and in the process, entertain people. I take a lot of pride when I see an individual or a family buying ticket for my film,” says the actor, who’s upcoming projects include Jersey, Toofan, Aankh Micholi and Hindi remake of Tamil film Thadam.

Mention how actor Kangana Ranaut has been talking about the issues she feels Bollywood is plagued with, Thakur believes truth always wins. “We all have the freedom to speak our mind, so I don’t want to get involved in what she’s saying,” she says, adding that if given an opportunity, she’ll be happy to collaborate with Ranaut.

“We’re all professionals here. I had loved her film Queen. She’s a good actor and I’m sure I’ll get to learn a lot from her,” ends Thakur.

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