Justin’s tricks


Justin Trudeau is a false candid and a false virtuous who, in politics, often tries to successfully ride the momentum.

This week, he almost managed to call an election before more embarrassing cases added to WE Charity’s. In fact, WE Charity is an organization that looks like Justin Trudeau. The two brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger, who set up an NGO, have the looks of the job. They are apparently young, handsome, left-wing, relaxed-looking, but with outstretched hands for public grants that have enabled them to receive, thanks to their friend at the head of Canada, millions of dollars. Due to information made public by the media, the charity had to repay part of the money it had received.

The prime minister only wants one thing, it’s an election that would put him back in power before the pandemic ends and the state of public finances is revealed. Because obviously the deficits accumulated because of subsidies of all kinds will make Canadians dizzy.

Justin Trudeau erred in believing he could fabricate an emergency, as Paul Journet wrote yesterday in Press.


The false virtuous man, blinded by his narcissism and surrounded by advisers who give him a reassuring image of himself, seems to believe that the ethical behavior of his interventions in the SNC-Lavalin scandal through those of liberals who would have interfered in the process appointment of judges may be forgotten. But citizens are masked, but not deaf and dumb.

Justin Trudeau is unable to imagine that his political future will be to lead a minority government. The man is not used to bowing to his opponents in order to get his plans through

His general attitude, however, is less authoritarian than royal. He owes his political career to his family heritage. Unlike most of his colleagues in the House of Commons, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and carried to the LPC baptismal font by staunch admirers of his own father.

His short theatrical career was like a dress rehearsal for his consecration as Liberal leader, a prerequisite before being elected prime minister.


The COVID-19 crisis is not putting politicians at the forefront. On the other hand, in all our countries, a majority of people today need to trust those who govern them. The polls show this unequivocally. As Donald Trump will soon learn the hard way.

Opposition parties have only a secondary role to play as any attempts to push politics above public health concerns are doomed to failure.

In other words, Justin Trudeau can no longer play pure and call his opponents irresponsible or incompetent.

The Prime Minister can no longer distribute the grants as during the first wave of COVID-19. Nor can he call an election in order to regain a majority. In short, his deceit is useless. It will remain in the minority until the end of this terrible collective ordeal.


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