Abu Dhabi complete preparations for upcoming rainy season


Abu Dhabi: Preparations have been completed in the capital for the upcoming rainy season, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City said on Saturday.

The rainwater drainage system has been checked and maintained, and an integrated plan had been put in place for emergency situations, including the designation of a fleet of diesel and electric pumps, tanks and electric generators to remove collected rainwater.

Residents can contact the Municipality on the 993 hotline, or the WhatsApp number 056 9939930, or email [email protected] to report rainwater pools.

The Municipality added that it will monitor locations where rainwater had previously collected or where debris had fallen during rainfall. Routine maintenance has already been carried out around the city, and as part of a DH45 million project in Musaffah, Al Maqta, Bani Yas, Shakhbout City and Mohammad Bin Zayed City. Contractors have been notified that emergency works may be needed during the rainy season.


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