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A female passenger refuses to wear a mask and hits a Delta flight attendant at the Miami airport

Delta’s policy mentions that passengers must wear face masks from the time they board the plane until the end of the trip.

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A female passenger hit an airline flight attendant Delta when he told you that you should use your mask correctly. The altercation occurred on Monday as the flight was about to take off from Miami International Airport.

When the flight attendant realized that a woman was not using her mask correctly, she approached and asked her to comply with the sanitary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The woman was upset, as she was wearing a mask but it was only placed on her neck, then she began to yell at the flight attendant.

It was then that the rest of the passengers used their portable devices and they recorded the scene to spread it on social networks until it goes viral.

“You must not touch me, you must not touch me,” said the passenger to the stewardess after hitting her. One of the videos shows how the woman, who was wearing a purple sports outfit, yells at the flight attendant and then throws a blow on her face.

An airline security personnel expelled the woman, causing a brief delay in the flight. The accident happened last Monday on a Delta flight from Miami to the city of Atlanta.

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Airline policy mentions that passengers and crew should wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth throughout the trip. Only children under two years of age and minors who cannot wear a mask for a long time are exempt from wearing a mask.

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