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22% more deaths in the United States without stay-at-home orders

22% more deaths in the United States without stay-at-home orders

22% more deaths in the United States without stay-at-home orders

A study suggests that coronavirus disease could have killed 22% more in the United States if Americans had not been urged, during the first wave, to stay at home.

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According to Johns Hopkins University, which compiles cases of COVID-19 around the world, Donald Trump’s country had 224,188 dead on Saturday, which is by far the worst toll with nearly 20% of all deaths compiled on the planet.

The study at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, also reveals, from data collected between March 1 and May 4, that the number of infections could have been 220% higher in the United States if the citizens had not reduced their contacts.

Here again, our neighbor cannot boast of having the best COVID record. It is the most affected in terms of the number of infections, with more than 8.5 million sick, or 20% of the 42 million cases on all continents.

“In March and April, most states in the United States imposed closures and issued stay-at-home orders. [SAHO, pour Stay-At-Home Order] with the aim of controlling the disease, ”noted the study’s lead author, Dr. Bisakha Sen.

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“However, conflicting messages from political authorities on the usefulness of SAHOs, popular pressure and concerns about economic fallout have led some states to lift restrictions before public health experts deem it desirable,” he said. -she adds.

This is without counting messages from President Donald Trump, who said at the start of the crisis that COVID-19 was just a common cold. It has since been learned that even before the onset of the crisis he was aware of the severity of the coming pandemic.

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