The surprising reaction of a father towards a girl who made a curious gesture during her christening | The NY Journal


Endless funny scenes that the Internet has given us are starring children, since the innocence of their age makes them do funny things that can even take away the solemnity of some serious moments.

This is precisely what happened to him a girl who has stolen a smile from thousands of Internet users for a curious moment that she lived in what seems to be her baptism. But what has attracted the most attention is the priest’s reaction.

It turns out that the girl is approached by a woman to the altar so that the priest give him the blessing; he places his hand on her head and the little girl thought he was greeting her, so did not hesitate to hit his hand while the woman who accompanied her takes her arm to prevent her from doing it again.

The priest took what the little girl had done with humor and began to snicker and then continued with the ritual.

The video soon went viral and generated thousands of comments in which users highlighted the good attitude of both the minor and the priest.



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