Study ensures that you must fly for 54 hours with a person with covid-19 to become infected The NY Journal


Study ensures that you must fly for 54 hours with a person with covid-19 to become infected

The risk of getting infected on an airplane is lower when protocols are followed.

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A plane passenger must fly for 54 hours together with a Covid-19 patient to become infected, according to a study by the US Department of Defense collected by the Spanish Airline Association (ALA).

This association, which hosts about 80 airlines operating in Spain, has analyzed different studies to conclude that the risk of contagion of the coronavirus on an airplane is minimal and requests that passengers be tested, on the way out and on the way back, to ease travel restrictions and regain connectivity and confidence .

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The study of US Department of Defense is based on the results of 300 tests carried out on the ground and in the air during six months, to analyze the transmission capacity of the virus by simulating a passenger infected by covid-19, and concludes that the risk of contagion of coronavirus on board the plane is of 0.0003%.

Airbus compared the spread of droplets expelled by coughing in a cockpit of an A320 and those produced in another environment where several individuals maintain a distance of 1.8 meters, such as an office, and the result is that there was less exposure to contagion on the plane.

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For its part, Boeing tracked the movement of particles in the cabin when coughing and breathing under different scenarios (with and without mask, in different locations and with variations in the cold air outlet), which led him to conclude that sitting together in an airplane is equivalent to being more than 2 meters apart in a typical building.

Embraer analyzed the environment considering a passenger sitting in different seats and with different airflow conditions in different aircraft models and its result was that the risk of contagion on board is extremely low.

According to IATA, since the beginning of 2020 1,200 million passengers have traveled and 44 cases of covid-19 associated with an airplane trip have been registered. These figures place the probability of contagion on board at 1 for every 27 million passengers, which means that there is twice the probability of hitting the primitive (1 in 13.9 million) than of catching this virus on an airplane.



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