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Vasyl Lomachenko faced Teófimo López with an injured shoulder, says his manager

Before traveling to the United States, “Loma” had discomfort in his shoulder.

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Vasyl Lomachenko underwent surgery on his right shoulder last Monday, according to information his manager gave ESPN’s Steve Kim. Egis Klimas too reported that the boxer faced Teofimo Lopez with injured shoulder.

Allegedly, This injury came from a surgery that “Loma” had in 2018 and suffered an injury during the second round of the weekend’s decision loss to Teofimo López.

This would explain why the European boxer was more cautious than normal during the fight., especially in the first half.

According to his manager, Vasyl felt discomfort in his shoulder before arriving in the United States: “When he arrived in the United States to prepare for the fight, he maintained that in Ukraine he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder. We immediately took him to Dr. ElAttrache to examine him. “

Although the MRI did not reveal any serious injuries, the manager said that a month and a half before the match, Lomachenko was given an injection and that caused him to miss a week of valuable training.

“We lost a week of training. We missed a week of training because the doctor forbade him do a lot for a week after the injection, ”he added.

However, it was not enough to mitigate the pain, since in a training session close to the day of the fight, “Loma” suffered and had to receive another injection. In fact, Klimas relates that ehe fighter’s father and coach, Anatoly, “wanted to throw in the towel.”

Finally, the manager clarified that with This revelation is not intended to detract from the victory of Teófimo López or justify the defeat of Lomachenko, but simply that the Ukrainian has a chance to regain his belts next year, at which time, according to the doctors, the boxer will be completely recovered.

If possible, we would like to have a rematch. If you are so tough … are you willing to go back and do that? ”Egis sentenced.



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