They occupy vehicle in the investigation into the murder of “influencer” “Pinky Curvy” in Puerto Rico | The NY Journal


By José Karlo Pagán

A second vehicle was seized by the authorities in the middle of the investigation into the murder of Isadora Marie Nieves, known in social networks as “Pinky Curvy”, confirmed to First Time Lieutenant Colonel Juan José García, commander of the San Juan police area.

The car – a cream Volkswagen Jetta, which appears as stolen by “carjacking” in the capital – was found near the El Caracol sector in Dorado. Inside it was found at least one ammunition storage device for firearms (charger).

“As it was a prudent time since the carjacking, it takes care to see if it has any relation to the case,” said García.

“Pinky Curvy” died last Saturday night in the middle of a shooting on Franklin Delano Roosevelt Avenue in Hato Rey, San Juan, and in which he also injured his partner, Edwin Rivera Pérez, 23 years old. About 80 bullet casings of various calibers were found at the scene.

The authorities had already reported that, in relation to this case, a Hyundai vehicle with several gunshot wounds was found on Muñoz Rivera Avenue near the Sagrado Corazón station in Hato Rey.

The commander of the San Juan area commented last Sunday that this murder has the characteristics of what has happened in other drug trafficking cases.

“She had a federal criminal record, she had a state record for contempt and when you see how it occurs in a violent way (the murder) has the characteristics that it was because of that”Garcia noted.

In February 2019, “Pinky Curvy” turned herself in to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after a federal grand jury accused her of belonging to the powerful criminal organization of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cantera (FARC).


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