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De Blasio announces what the COVID-19 vaccine plan will look like in New York City

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Weekend Governor Andrew Cuomo reported that the State was analyzing, from now on, how they will face the new challenge of applying millions of vaccines against COVID-19 next year in New York, once the federal health authorities approve it. And this Wednesday, the Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the City already has a initial vaccination plan for when the time comes.

Ensuring that despite the differences that the State and the City have had on some issues, there is communication and consensus on vaccination plans, the president revealed that vaccines will be essential for the Big Apple to emerge after the pandemic, and stated that They will be put in two phases, although he did not give dates.

“We need to be prepared and then we need to act quickly. We don’t have the exact date. No one has the exact date the vaccine will be ready. But what we do know is that it will be sooner rather than later, “he said. De Blasio. “What we do know is that we have to have a fair and priority plan. And what we do know is that we have to make the vaccine available to people, regardless of their ability to pay. It has to be free for those who need it. Therefore, this city is preparing the vaccine plan with those assumptions in mind. “

Mayor He explained that in the first phase, vulnerable people, front-line workers, health workers, first responders and essential workers will be prioritized. The second phase, meanwhile, will be designed for the general public.

The plan in which the City works will include the registration of providers in the city’s Immunization Registry, which will include pharmacies, urgent care centers, public and private hospitals and test sites of the COVID, to ensure that there is wide access.

The commissioner of the Department of Health, Dave chokshi, highlighted that such as it happened in 1947, when a similar vaccination effort against smallpox was made, this time when the coronavirus vaccine arrives, the Big Apple will not fall short in its mission.

“We are not approaching the challenge of distributing a COVID vaccine in New York City with arrogance. This virus has humiliated us before, but the Department of Health has a history from smallpox to influenza of organizing successful vaccination campaigns, ”said the official, warning that the vaccine applied must go through strict state controls to ensure that it is safe and effective. “We have the tools, the personnel and the experience ready to fulfill this mission and a commitment commensurate with the scale of the challenge.”

The Mayor also referred in his press conference next Halloween, And although due to the pandemic the traditional parade will not be held, he invited parents not to let the spirit of the celebration lose, but maintaining protective measures to avoid contagion.

“It is one of the happiest nights of the year, and this year will be different, but we will do it. I want to make it very clear that Halloween is going to be celebrated in New York City and Halloween will be safe ”, said De Blasio, warning that all activities and requests for sweets should be done outdoors and indoor celebrations should be avoided.

“First of all, the most important thing we have learned throughout this crisis is that outdoors is better than indoors (…) You cannot ask for sweets inside the buildings of apartments, for example. Everything in the open air ”, added the mayor, remembering that even those who wear costumes must wear a protective mask underneath.


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