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Have a healthy teeth it is an important aspect of all good health. While some white teeth They are synonymous with youth, as we age from natural way the teeth lose their natural tone and undergo various changes.

The hygiene measures are very important, however various specialists agree that the diet and lifestyle influence significantly. That is why people who usually base their diet on fast foods, processed foods, and sugary drinks, also those who suffer from smoking, among other factors that may be genetic. The truth is that they exist Drinks and food that due to their composition contain substances that can stain teeth and therefore they end deteriorating the white enamel.

1. Coffee

The coffee is one of the most popular drinks when it comes to dark spots on teeth and this relates to your black color. What happens is that the outer layer of the teeth is of a very porous material and therefore tend to absorb foods with a high content of strong pigments. It also intervenes acidity characteristic of this drink that can also change the shade of teeth prematurely and in the long term can discolor them significantly. The best recommendation is do not overdo the amount of coffee and complement it with good dental hygiene.

Coffee. / Photo: Unsplash

2. Beet

Probably beet is on the list of foods with the highest pigmentation, which tends to darken teeth and with greater power in the case of people who have been presenting deterioration in oral health issues. The truth is that it is a food too healthy and nutritious, so the recommendation is to consume it in moderate amounts and in the company of others “More neutral foods”, in order to balance its high pigment content. Another good recommendation is to avoid consuming it in juice, since it is one of its most powerful versions.

Beet. / Credit: Pxhere

3. Tomato sauce

Probably one of the main enemies of the teeth are the commercial sauces, being rich in sugars, sodium, preservatives, flavorings and colors. Not only do they have a negative effect on the color of the teeth and affect the first layer of enamel, make it more porous and prone to deteriorate more easily. The recommendation is to avoid all kinds of commercial tomato sauces, such as pasta, soups and of course ketchup, it is better to opt for homemade preparations and always take care the amounts of sugar that we add.

Acids like lemon, vinegar, or tomato can balance flavors.

4. Red wine

Red wine in moderation is a healthy drink, which is associated with numerous health benefits, most of which are associated with your unmatched antioxidant power. However contains tannins which are chemical substances that come from more solid parts of the grape and where is your increased pigmentation. Its content also intervenes in acids and alcohol, which can cause some changes in salivation and natural mechanism cleaning the mouth. The recommendation is to consume it occasionally, in moderate amounts and always accompanied by plenty of water.

Red wine
Red wine. / Photo: Breakingpic / Pexels

5. Curry

The curry powder is a typical mixture of the gastronomy of india and it is one of the most representative products, it is characterized by being made with a powerful mix of spices from intense flavors, aromas and colors. Although these spices are considered a great medicinal ally, when consumed in excess they can change the color of the teeth and make them much more yellow; This is mainly related to its contribution in turmeric (highly pigmented), mustard and peppers. Is delicious and very nutritious and in moderate amounts it does not cause any problem, it only contemplates clean your teeth well after consuming it.

Curry. / Photo: Buenosia Carol / Pexels



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