University of Ottawa: Normand Brathwaite shocked


Normand Brathwaite said he was shocked by the treatment of Verushka Lieutenant-Duval, a University of Ottawa professor temporarily suspended for using the word “nigger” in one of her classes, in an educational context.

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In an interview with the QMI Agency on Tuesday, the black host, who has never feared controversial humor and has often repeated that “Quebec is the least racist place in the world,” said very calmly having “a lot of misery” with wanting to erase certain words from our collective vocabulary, especially when it comes to the transmission of knowledge.

“Business like it happened in Ottawa minimizes [le mouvement] Black Lives Matter, pleaded the host of “Belle and Bum”. The two have nothing to do with it. Here it’s a teacher explaining history using a word that must no longer exist, but must be said, to remember it. Me, that really shocked me. Someone should put their foot down and say we won’t mix apples and oranges. “

“You can’t erase words from history for academic reasons,” Brathwaite continued. For example, right now there are a lot of documentaries on the October Crisis, and with good reason; one cannot not have the right to say “Frog” or “French Pea Soup”, in a documentary which explains the why of the crisis! It’s as if we don’t have the right to say the words “Hitler” and “Nazi”; It did exist, and in the context of history, you have to have permission to tell them. This (University of Ottawa) is overwhelming, but I think everyone is unanimous on this. “

Return of the pendulum

Even if political correctness, even censorship, now threatens all spheres of society, Normand Brathwaite, who once told many salty jokes to “Hot pepper”, maintains not to be worried, for artists as for teachers. “These are fads,” he believes.

“We lost the second degree. When you see someone on a stage, you should write on their forehead: “I’m not really a bad guy, I play a bad guy to laugh at the bad guys.” It doesn’t look good! “

“But it will come back, assured Normand Brathwaite. When we stopped doing “Hot Pepper” on TV, we did it indoors, and it was an incredible “hit”. It’s a period, and the pendulum will come back. I’m not worried at all. ”


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